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Feb. 2023 Member Central – From the Exalted Ruler Tom Seymour

The February 3 rd Veterans “Backpack Friday” was very successful with nearly twenty veterans stopping by the Elks Lodge for the monthly give-away of our current stores of food, snacks, and essentials. Free haircuts also offered by Amanda were worn by a number of Vets out the doors on a cold Friday afternoon. Thanks to the Volunteers who assisted.

The PER (Past Exalted Ruler) Dinner was very enjoyable with a fabulous meal presented by the Club Team. PER’s Sam Jarvis, Rick Smith, Bruce Smart, Kerry Mayhew, Mick McGuire, Stephen Gray, Bob Burkowski, and our most senior Officer of the evening, 80’s something, Rod Evans, PER, PDDGER. Many of our current Officers attended including Ralph Howell, Rob Owens, Tom Seymour, and Shalun Maloney.

Also announced at the Lodge Meeting that followed is the election of Kerry Mayhew as the upcoming Deputy District Grand Exalted Ruler for 2023 – 24 in our West District 1520. This prestigious honor will become official at Grand Lodge in Minnesota in July.

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